Why are there people who active on social media but don't reply to chat?

12:38 AM

We all definitely have ever procrastinated to not reply to chat but actively surfing on social media. I admit  that I often commit this sin.

Actually it's not a sin.

To reply or to not reply to a chat is our right.

People always have different reasons, why they are active on social media but haven't read or replied to a chat. For me, the reason why I often procrastinate to reply a chat, especially when the chat is not really important, it's because I'm in the process of introverting with myself.

People with introvert personality surely often feel tremendous fatigue if they do too much interaction with human. Even, interaction without doing face to face could make an introvert suddenly feel exhausted though!

As the consequence of this annoying personality, sometimes I suddenly disappear and feel like I don't want to reply any kind of chat although I'm studiously wandering on instagram and keep hitting the like button on someone update. 


I really like when I am asked for discussion, to give an opinion, or being a place for someone to share their personal life story. When someone chat me, whether to share about their feeling, to ask something, open for a discussion, etc, I don't like to reply their chat improperly.

I will need and spend a lot of time to choose my words wisely. I will spend my time to do some research before giving my opinion or talking about something. I try to put myself in other people shoes when they want to tell their personal life. Even, I often wait myself to be in a good mood to reply their chat. I'm afraid if I'm not in a good mood, I will accidentally hurt their feeling or I will look like I don't give a fuck about their feeling.

Nevertheless,  what I did unconsciously have drained so much of my energy. I lost myself and I felt really exhausted.

One of the ways that I can do to bring back my energy is looking for a distraction such as wandering on social media like instagram. As a result, I become often procrastinate to reply to chat although I have read it. An hour later maybe I will reply that, maybe tomorrow, two days later, one week later, and the worse scenario the chat sometimes end  up without being replied.


We shouldn't let what other people think affect our life. However, sometimes it stuck on my mind and I feel really guilty because I don't reply or I take to much time to reply their chat. At the and, I have to apologize many times when I reply their chat. I'm also afraid they would think I'm being arrogant, cocky, pretentious busy, and I'm worried if there were a glimpse of their thought that might think I hate them. Whereas, the reason I did that was purely because I need time to recharge my energy.

Therefore, to explain it to other people might really hard and not necessarily they would understand our condition. Beside that, if I tell them, they might turn out to be uncomfortable to chat me again. In fact, I never feel like that. I feel good and never hate interaction. I just need time for myself.

"So, dear humans, if you see me wandering through social media but haven't replied your chat, please don't get it wrong and not to be taken personally. I'm just in the process of introverting. Sometimes replying chat can be really exhausted and drain so much energy. Hehe please be patient and don't give up on this annoying introvert. It takes time but I will reply your chat, just wait!"

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