A Transcendental Bliss In Unexpected Place

6:10 PM

Surprisingly, it's true that humans get envious easily. We often jealous seeing our friends or some influencer out there posting their pictures while travelling around the world. Later on, we started to compare our life with other people that visibly look as if they were owning a perfect life.

It must be happy to be them, we want to be like them, and sometimes it becomes our primary goal in life. To earn money by selling our happy soul just to get the experience of crossing some mainstream popular place that we think will make us happy.

Sadly, I often do the same things. I tried to find my own happiness by looking at others people life.

Nothing wrong with getting inspire by others people life, but we don't have a reason to compare our life with others continuously, because our path to reach happiness is different.

We can decide our own definition of happiness starting from our self. Don't follow happiness that is painted by others. We should make our own path, determine our own happiness in the place we are existing right now.

We always make the definition of happiness seems complicated. Actually, we can find a small happiness wherever our feet stand. We don't have to go to an expensive place.

We can find happiness everywhere by spending our time with people we love.


Last Sunday, my mom and I went to Pasar Malam which is only opened twice a year. Luckily, there is Pasar Malam which is opened near my village in this November. Since I'm free now, I can go there with my mom. Well, actually this Pasar Malam is supposed to be opened at night, but we went there in the afternoon because we were craving for street food!

We went there by riding a small train, people called it "Sepur Mini". Along the way, we crossed a long stream. It a lovely stream, looks very clean, make me feel serenity.

Pasar Malam is one of memorable place for me. My mom and dad always take me there when I was a child. I still remember how exited and happy I am running around the place while eating my cotton sugar! Even when 17 years have passed, I still can feel the spark joy when I came to this place. 


I always think that I will be happy if I work in a big company, earn a lot of money, travel around the world and go to some beautiful place that I've never visited before. I was busy looking for happiness far away from home that I forgot to be happy in the moment I live.

But there are some of them who find their own happiness after wandering around the world. 

At the end of the odyssey, finally they will find the happiness that they are looking for is in their home.

The home is their own mind and feeling.

Try this once. Today wherever you are, just take a pause and look around you. You will find happiness always just before you. Although it can be as simple as going to Pasar Malam, watching some kids playing there, or just eating your favorite food.

"There's always unknown happiness gems in every place where your feet stand, somewhere in unexpected place near you that needs visiting, with the person you love".

Pasar Malam: In the 70s, even the 80s, the so-called traditional night market or "pasar malam" is completed with various rides that children are always waiting for during school holidays, it is usually opened only one or three times a year.

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