A Trip To Bumi Kitiran, Enamoured With These Windmills!

12:22 AM

Do you guys still remember the propeller that is used by Doraemon and Nobita to fly? Or a paper windmill we always made in primary school?
Imagine being at a hillious place which is filled up by thousands of windmills. That would definitely look magnificent, feel like you're in a wizard land or fairyland! 
That kind of place is actually exist! If you're wondering where is that place, It's here in Malang. 

Recently, a new tourism place was opened, it's a unique place that offers beautiful sight in Batu City, that place called Bumi Kitiran. This place presents a lovely and beautiful of thousands windmills made in paper. The windmills are planted on a hill which consist of 6 various colours such as red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and pink.  

I still can remember the sound of the windmills when it were being blown by the wind, felt so tranquil and serene!

By the way, It's quite hard to reach this place because it's located far away from the city. Although you can find this place on google maps, people often get lost because this place is just recently opened. There are only a few of signage that were installed and sometimes it's not easily seen by the people.
Funny story, when I went there with my friend, we followed the maps on google, but instead of taking us there, the maps actually brought us at the cemetery! That was a funny and creepy experience. Don't fully trust the maps!
If you plan to go to this place and not sure about the direction, don't hesitate to ask the villagers when you get lost.

The road hasn't given any asphalt

Bumi Kitiran was built in a mountainous and hillious place, so if you want to get there, it's more safe and easy for you to ride a two-wheeled vehicle rather than ride a four-wheeled vehicle because the road hasn't given asphalt, the track also little bit uphill.

This place is open from 9 am to 5 pm on weekday, and 7 am to 6 pm on weekend. The entry ticket is quite cheap, It's only 10.000 rupiah. You can also buy a paper windmill there, they also sell it for the visitor. 

There are stairs and every segment of the propellers are divided by the footpath, so that the visitor can stroll around through every corner of the place, from up to down!

I went there at around 11 am and it's really hot! I recommend you to go there at around 1 pm or 2 pm, so you will get there approximately at 3 pm which not really hot plus it prettier to catch golden hour around that time. 

Unfortunately, because it's a new place, there are many infrastructure and others things that haven't provided. For instance, there are no toilet and a place to eat! So make sure you have finished your business before going there! Overall, although there are still many things that should be added to improve the quality, this place it's worth to visit.

I'm sure they will add more facilities in the future because this place is getting many recognition from tourist now!

If you went to Malang, don't forget to spare your time to take a picture in this beautiful place!

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