Rainy Days

7:55 PM

I want to be with someone
who dreams of doing everything in life
but nothing on a rainy Sunday Afternoon.

I have a dream somehow on a rainy day, we sat inside those warm sofa, enjoy our tea, watching our favorite movies, looking each other while talking about we love.

I am really in love with the rain. Rainy is all abot hot tea, blankets, warm socks and sweet song. And most of all, rainy days is the best time to spend with your beloved one, family. Rainy days somehow give me inspiration, to draw to write something. 

I love the rain and can spend hours watching it run down the window. Everything just feel so clean and that fresh earthy smell is like nothing else.

Why the older I get, the more I hate rain. I hate when rainy messes up my plan. Ah, I miss the old days. In my hometown, me and my friends always waiting for rain. We always go to the beach when the rain come. Playing till we get cold, and my mom making hot tea for me.

My favorite song on a rainy day is 'another rainy day' by Corinne Bailey Rae. How about you?


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