No Make Up

2:18 AM

My current favorite song. Lagu yang bakalan bikin kamu merasa cantik all the time haha. a song that every girls want to hear from her bf.


Stop looking in the mirror
Don’t worry about your weight
You’re already beautiful the way you are

Instead of red lipstick
I like clear lip balm
more natural than the clouds in the sky

You obviously don’t know
How pretty your eyes are
when they smile without eyeliner

You obviously don’t know
How bright your skin glows
when you wash off the makeup

You don’t seem to get it,no matter how many times I say
but I want to tell you again and again everyday

You’re already beautiful the way you are


I would constantly call my self-ugly and skinny and put myself down in front of others and in front of myself while looking in the mirror or when wearing no makeup. I realize now that other people view me differently than I see myself, and that I don't have to be pleased with myself because a lot of people already love me for who I am.

Btw, entah kenapa jadi suka lagi sama lagu ini, padahal udah lama banget sih rilisnya. He made all girl feel pretty and beautiful by hearing this song. The funny thing is I always listen to this song while using make up padahal judulnya aja no make up. Berapa banyak pun orang yang bilang lebih cantik tanpa make up, tetep aja kayaknya make up itu udah jadi salah satu senjata kepercayaan diri terutama buat cewek.  I mean jarang banget ada orang yang pede buat keluar tanpa make up, at least bedak an or lip balm doang.

I knew this song was going to be a song about telling you not wear makeup, stop worrying about your weight, because you're beautiful the way you are. But honestly, I didn't really think it would change my view on my self hehe.
Intinya mau kamu team makeup or team no makeup, boleh-boleh aja. Walaupun kadang sebel sama orang yang suka point out other people karna dia make up an, ga make up an, terlalu menor dll.
Terserah dia lah mau ngapain, just do what makes you happy, bukan ngikutin apa yang orang lain mau, atau takut 'kata orang'.  Live your life because it's yours.

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