My Last Studio Project!

10:34 PM

What is it about this semester? Everything absolutely miserable for me.
There's a lot thing to do, a lot of opportunities. I can't even choose what to do first. HOW TO PRIORITIZE WHEN EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT!

I cry a lot, I laugh a lot too. ah I can't describe how was this year going but bcs I'm doing what i love, its ok! Try to be positive but actually crying inside :,)

Every person that I talk to is having the most stressful, overwhelming, challenging and truly grueling semester. I don't know what it is, but at least we are all on the struggle bus together. Oke good news you're not alone, everybody struggling too.

and finallyyyyy, I can finish my last studio project. I know it's not my best but at least I tried :')

Here we go, my unfinished studio project. Wish me luck!


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