Breaking News, I'm Back!

4:13 AM

Hello! It's been quite a long time since I made a blog post. Sorry for being busy, yes I'm busy catching aliens in area 51 so stop asking what am I doing!
So many things happened in this past 8 months. Happiness, sadness, heartbreak, how can such a thing happened in a short time?

I made such a big decision for my life this year. I don't even know if it really works or it's just gonna be useless. When I choose this path, I know it's gonna get harder and sure it will getting harder every day before it gets easier. I might feel sad and disappointed or end up hating my self. But in spite of these negative think, I just want to trust my self once again, and believe if it's mean to be, it will be. 
What's yours will find you, but not magically, without any involvement, if it's meant to happen it will happen because you have put your heart and soul into it and made it happen, one way or another. 
If it doesn't work, I know God will plan another beautiful dreams, pave another road, better than that.

Omg why am I being too emosional? Ok let's skip this before I spoil everything. Let's just keep everything silent, mysterious. You know being mysterious is my charm lol kidding. But seriously, not everything you see on my social media (re:instagram) is true, you may be trapped or fooled, ups! 

By the way I made several changes on my blog, I haven't finished yet but have you noticed it? Hmm oke winda no one fucking cares. Looking back at my old posts, why do I feel embarrased? Why the hell I wrote something like that, I think I also need to edit some of those posts. Should I just keep those intact? Everyone can just mocking me or maybe just let my future children read those posts so we can laugh together. 

You know this blog really has special meaning for me also this is the only one place I can share everthing I felt and experienced freely, without boundaries, without being fake, without getting anxious, stress, or afraid someone will judge me. So I don't mind what others think.

Anyway I want to say thank you very much for those who keep visiting my blog, sent me dm and said waiting for my new post, although I broke my promise to keep updating this blog every week. Seriously you guys made my day! 
I'm not gonna make another promise to break today, I don't even know what I'm gonna write, I just want to tell everybody that I'm back, I'm still alive (my dreams tho) and most important thing, I'm happy! See you on my next post!

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