I'm Not Fashionable Enough, But Here I Drop My Fashion Tips!

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If you guys remember, a few months back I made an instagram poll about “what should I write on my blog”. Surprisingly there were people who suggested me writing about fashion tips. I've never thought that I’m fashionable enough to give tips or advice about fashion. However since someone asked me to talk about it, well I guess I’m pretty well-dressed (self-confidence level 100).

Before starter, I want to share my personal opinion about fashion. For me fashion is a form of self-expression. The way you style yourself truly define your personal expression of who you are, not an excuse to be pretty, popular or charismatic. There is a hint about yourself in what you wear. To be well-dressed for me is one of the way to love and embrace myself. It is a way to say who you are without having to speak. 

Furthermore, fashion is something we deal with everyday. Even people who say that they don't care about what they wear probably still spend their time to choose clothes every morning. 

Just to be clear, this is not about giving fashion advice or telling what you should or shouldn’t wear for your age, colouring, body shape etc because I see a lot of people did that, like telling if you are short you shouldn't wear that, if you are fat you shouldn't wear this. I believe that everyone deserve to use any kind of clothes they want whether you're short, tall, skinny, fat, black, white whatever you are.

It's just about how I express myself on the inside through what I wear on the outside. It's about freeing myself from doubts, uncertainties and limiting beliefs that prevent me from wearing what I want. It is about finding my own style.

So here are some tips about how I style, I hope this can inspire you!

1. Comfy is starting to take over stylish
When I was young, I used to find myself occupied by insecurity and lack of self confidence when it comes to dressing. Thus I tend to follow others style because I was afraid of others perception that I was "weird" or if I wear that clothes it would be not "suitable" considering on my body shape. At the end, instead of being confident I ended up feel uncomfortable. When I'm not comfortable with what I'm wearing, I can't focusing on what I'm doing, I'd focusing on how my clothing feels binding on me.

Be comfortable in your clothes
It's true that in fashion there are rules and trends for specific clothes. However, being fashionable doesn't mean you have to follow all the rules or all the trends all of the time. For me, the most important things you have to do is to wear comfortable clothes according to your preference, not from someone else. I’d never wear something at the expense of feeling uncomfortable.

2. Find your own "signature" style
Another thing beside wearing comfortable clothes is to find "signature" style that represents you.
I just remember when someone said to me whenever they see flower printed dress or anything about dress they'd think about me. I think it's because I often seen wearing dress and people see this as my signature! I always take that as a compliment regard to whatever their intention, to admiring or to mocking. I'm just happy as they think about me, that's mean I'm unique and I have my own personal style.

"Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself, and yet identifiable for others." -Anna Wintour

Furthermore, its necessary to be able to dress for yourself, to find that signature “style” that represents you. Emphasize on this fashion as it can greatly help you express yourself, because it can help boost your confidence and personality. It also can affect our sense of self-empowerment. 
Therefore, the most fashionable look of all is owning your style and feeling comfortable in your own skin. When you stay true to your personal tastes, it shows. When you have a style gut or style instincts, start trusting them!

3. Flower printed dress, "A" shaped dress, Plain dress, anything about dress will look gorgeous on you

I used to be one of that person who thinks that a dress was not made for all women. I've thought only tall and slim women that suitable wearing a dress. I remember wearing a dress back then, and there was someone who said to me "you look shorter wearing that dress".
I know I shouldn't take that words personally, maybe that dress was really not suitable for my figure. As a consequence of that words, I try to ovoid any kind of dress because I hate the idea of being shorter.

But two years back then when I started to learn how to love myself, I just realized. Why should I care about what they say, if I'm short and if that dress make me look even shorter then what?
From that on, I never feel shy or not confident wearing a dress as long as it makes me happy. It sounds cheesy but if you confident and happy, everything you wear will look good and pretty!

"All women look pretty wearing dress"

Another personal reason why I started to wear dress often because I want to cut down the using of pants. Wish I can be istiqamah and keep improving the way I dress.

By the way, I really like flower printed dress with small pattern. I also have a piece of dresses which pattern are large, but I don't really like it that much. I think because my personality are complicated and perfectionist somehow it influences me to love something details.
However, a lot of people maybe have no self-assured to wear pattern dress. If you just start to wear a dress but has no confident, you can try to wear a plain dress. Wearing a plain dress will make you look elegant yet simple, and that's gorgeous too! Oh never forget to mention, my favorite fabric for a dress is chiffon and for a plain dress is cotton. For the length, I try to choose a dress that not really long or really short.

4. Women should be two things, classy and fabulous, my blouse said it all!
If you are korean drama fans, you definitely know Kim Mi So in drama "What's wrong with secretary kim" right? I really admire her style because she looks elegant and gorgeous. I notice that she loves  wearing blouse, whether for informal or formal occasion. 
Therefore, I tried to wear blouse and pairing it with a skirt, look how the blouse changed me! From a bubbly girl into a classy mature woman. And I really love a glimpse of antagonist and strong look yet soft impression still drawn on me.
Blouse is usually made from chiffon or any kind of fabric which really thin. But its design are made in piles with super large size that make it looks magnificently beautiful on us. By the way, because of its thin material, don't forget to wear inner clothes!

I don't consider myself a goody-goody, but I like to be perceived as classy.

Well, I think I should wearing blouse for my future date!

5. Layers, layers, and more layers
Honestly, I still learn to love myself until now, and my mind is still fulfilled with a lot of insecurities. For instance, I like to do layering because I look super thin and I hate it when people say "Oh winda why do you look so thin, are you depressed? eat more!" etc. Again, words can hurt more than an action.
Because of that reason, I really love to do layering. Not only because I want to look more fat, but I just feel more safer when I use closed clothes which covering all my body.

layers and layers
My favorite clothes for layering are denim jacket and cardigan which material is chiffon. You can also use a shirt or sweater to do layering by the way. Just explore your closet and don't be afraid to do mix and match. Who'd known maybe it will turn out better than you think you were!

6. Be like a princess with a brocade dress
Actually this kind of dress is supposed to be used for formal occasion. It's just a rare things to use this kind of dress for daily, but you know, I'm just over confident when it comes to dressing, no one can't stop me!
This brocade dress definitely will make you look like a princess! I suggest you wearing this kind of dress for party or to attend someone's wedding. I really love the details especially the lantern arm design.

feel like a princess

As always, this kind of dress need so much layering, don't forget to wear inner clothes ladies!

7. Swing your skirt!
Jeans are always be the best pair for any kind of top, but sorry I think your spot has been replaced by skirt now! I've never thought that skirt actually would make a good pair for any kind of top such us blouse, t-shirt, sweater, even 3/4 dress. I was wrong! Skirt now would be my favorite basic outfit.
I never set particular type of skirt but for me the most important thing that should be considered before buying a skirt is the shape. For me, I don't really like an "A" shaped skirt yet an "I" shaped skirt also don't make me even keen. Wearing a skirt that its shape is balance between the "I" shaped and "A"  shaped would be my preference.

swing...swing your skirt

For instance, the picture above shows that the skirt on the top side is shaped like an "I" while the bottom side shaped like an "A" but still keep the balance between the two section which I really love.
Furthermore, for the top, I like to put the bottom side of the top into the skirt. It will make you look taller and neat. Lastly, don't wear a skirt that could limit your movement. Choose a skirt which not really tight, has sufficient length but not to wide.

8. White sneakers
It's kinda opposite to wear sneakers while your outfit are showed feminine side. But yes I always pair my outfit with a sneakers. To be honest, I'm not that calm and feminine type of girl. In fact, I always want to look fierce, strong yet still want to look little bit feminine.
Although I have several pairs of girly shoes, I rarely use them. Wearing girly shoes is "a No No", it's just too gentle for my fierce personality in the inside I guess.

Why should be white sneakers?

I really like white sneakers because first, its color is neutral, you can pair it with any kind of clothes. Second, I don't know why but white sneakers somehow make me more confident! Presumably I look taller wearing white sneakers. Nonetheless, I have another pair of sneakers which color are not white, but I have no self-assured wearing them. I guess, white sneakers is just my cup of tea.

"I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world." —Bette Midler

Well I don't know what should I describe my style. My outfit look super feminine on the outside but trust me, when we meet or when you talk to me in reality it shows you otherwise.
I personally like the idea of people portraying me as a strong and fierce rather than feminine. How about you?

9. Find your style role mode
Everyone would always has someone that they look up to for style inspiration, it could be someone in their life or online. I believe that it is important to surround yourself with people that you look up to in any area of your life so you can learn from them, observe and ultimately this will help you become an even higher quality person or be more confident. 

For me, I got my fashion inspiration from these two korean singer. Can you guess? 
It's Taeyeon and IU! Both of them have their own unique style that I can't choose. Moreover, I decided to mix both of their style into my personal style.

Taeyeon often seen wearing sneakers and did layering by wearing jacket or cardigan. Soon I tried to follow her style wearing jacket, sweater or cardigan and also wearing a pair of sneakers for any occasion!

And for IU, I started to like her style when she played a role in drama Hotel Del Luna. She portrayed a feminine style with antagonist and elegant look which I love so much!

Where did I get these beautiful outfit?
Last but not least, if you are wondering where I got this beautiful outfit from head to toe, wait I will tell you! If you don't want to know, it's okay, I still want to tell you hehe.

"Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." —Oscar de la Renta

So almost all of my outfit, dress, shoes were bought from my online shop! You can check @clovelac_fashion for more details, or perhaps if you are looking for any particular dress or need advice about fashion tips you can contact me or my online shop above! 

At the end I just wanna say, dress yourself in what makes yourself happy, wear clothes that you feel confident enough to move in. If you really want to go for it and if you feel good it in, wear them, you’ll project that. If you don’t feel good in something, don’t wear it just because it’s fashionable. By all means taste the rainbow, but only if it makes you feel good.

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