If Sadness Is Temporary, That Means Happiness Is Also Temporary, So What Should We Do?

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I believe that everything in life must be balanced. Same as the concept of Yin and Yang philosophy portraying that everything in this cosmos has the opposite aspect, it always comes in two sides,  it's either black or white,  good or bad, hot or cold,  happiness or sadness. They come in pairs complementing our life.

In my religion Islam, The concept of balance is also explained perfectly in al-Quran. Islam teaches us to be moderate and balanced in all aspects of life, whether it is religion, worship, relationships, ideas, or daily activities.

"Verily, everything has two ends and a middle. If you hold one of the ends, the other will be skewed. If you hold the middle, the two ends will be balanced. You must seek the middle ground in all things". (Hilyat Al-Awliya 4818)

I used to be afraid about the feeling that may comes into my life. If I'm happy right now, does that mean I will face another sadness soon? I wonder what kind of sorrow will encounter my life, will I capable to endure and pass the feeling? 

But, life is supposed to be like that right?

Both happiness and sadness are temporary. Happiness and sorrow are a feeling, an emotion, and a mood. It's the way we act for something. It may comes and goes. It is unpredictable, uncontrollable, unreliable, and it's not sustainable. Happiness as also sorrow happens to all persons. We can't experience happiness without feeling sadness. Both are coming to balance our life. So why should we afraid of being sad or too happy?

There is one excerpt that got my attention. It said 

"Nothing is permanent except change, if we are seeking something permanent, we will never get there. Because only change is permanent in this universe".

Change is the only constant. No phase in our life is permanent as the dynamics keep on changing. It's odd, how change is defined as the only constant, because change in reality means to move, it's devolve, not static. 

What permanent in our life is the present time, whether it is happiness or sadness, we have to be joyful in every moment. 

As sadness and happiness are temporary, how should we react when one of those comes into our life:

  1. Never get too sad or depressed because of someone or something, also never get to happy and too attached to anything because it is going to change soon. That doesn't mean your feeling are not valid. Your happiness and sadness are valid. But you have to remember that it is just a feeling, it will go and come again. The sooner we accept this fact and learn how to grow with it, the easier it becomes to lead a peaceful life. 
  2. Happiness and sadness are part of everyone life. These are two emotions we should feel in order to reach the harmony in life. We have to understand sadness to know what is happiness. We have to feel both but they should not overtake us. All we need is to understand that everything will come and go. We should acknowledge each and every incident that happens with us. Some will treat you good some will not. We shouldn't at all be devastated when we fail or when there is a bad phase going. There’s always a bright sunny day after a storm.
  3. Live it as it comes, good or bad, happiness or sorrow. Happiness and sadness are temporary, and it couldn't have been better if not temporary. For instance, if in life you continuously feel happy all the time, sooner or later you will start feeling the happiness as a very normal thing, you won't feel happy about it when it comes again because it becomes very normal for you. You won't feel the spark joy or ecstatic about good things anymore. That's why anything excessive is bad, something which exist permanently is not good. So whenever sadness encounters your life, you must accept it, that's means you can feel the happiness, because sadness is a state of happiness. Don't be afraid of being sad, don't rush your feeling. It's okay if today you feel sad, it's okay if on the other day you feel happy.

Everything keeps changing and evolving. Slower or faster depends. Change is the law of nature. If we are looking for something that will be permanent in our life then we will be lost forever.

Change will make our happiness permanent in life, the acceptance to the situation your attitude towards anything will lead things to permanent in which ever way you want. Because the life is also temporary. We will die someday and the world will keep running even though we are not exist. So be happy and be sad, experience the failure to reach the succeed, face the heartbreak then fall in love again, lose yourself and find youself again, because that's how life works, everything must be balanced. 


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