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Hi there!
Winda Ratnasari

What should I describe myself as?

A cat mom, storyteller, wanderer, or designer?
Welcome to my blog - a series of my life scene!

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Let me start with something I am passionate about

About Me

I grew up as a free-range childhood with the fondest memories of youth by playing in the woods in natural open spaces, investigating nature, building islands and waterfalls in a nearby creek in Maluk, West Sumbawa, a small village with unspoiled natural wealth. After 15 years of spending my time in Sumbawa, my parents advised me to move to Mataram City for better education as I entered high school. Three years of adapting to live independently and far away from both parents was a challenging experience, but it shaped my personality and perspective about life, which I am grateful for. It was not easy, but luckily, I was surrounded by good friends who always helped me. I didn't realise it, Lombok, a city that was then a stranger, has now left a mark in my heart, and with no hesitation, I would love to call that place my second home. Wandering and relishing new places, cultures, urban life made me recognise that I am fascinated by visualising spaces and people's activities. Discovering that I could set up my dream by presenting my imagination through interpreting it as a combination of art, science, and creating space was a fantastic epiphany in life that led me to love architecture. Therefore, after graduating from high school, I entered the Department of Architecture of Brawijaya University in Malang, Indonesia.

Another TMI you probably should know! I am always passionate about implementing sustainability in all manifestations, which compelled me to observe the relationship between human beings and the environment. This manifestation led me to join a scientific paper competition back in 2009, which brought me as a Winner. I learned invaluable experience when conducting an environmental project held by PT AMNT (Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara) in Maluk, West Sumbawa Community back then. I created a tree-planting culture based on the terrarium planting method using recycled planting media. I still clearly remember how excited and passionate I was back then, researching and trying to learn about types of vegetation that are habitually suitable to grow in recycled planting media. Soon, I delivered the idea to the community and initiated a field survey to the community personally to persuade them to join my project. I was so pleased when some of them showed interest to be involved. From that moment, I realised that I have a strong interest in plants and biodiversity. I wonder how to channel my passion for plants and environmental preservation in architecture. I always thought my real preoccupation in life would focus on innovating living conditions and developing a sustainable design to protect and preserve new natural treasures. For me, this is the real 21st-century challenge. Do you think I can make that aspiration come true? Maybe not today, but someday, I hope that opportunity will come to me.

Anyway, apart from architecture, I am also passionate about art and craft. In 2020 I tried to start a small local brand by selling handmade crafts. At that time, I had no experience in the business world, and I also did not have the skills to make these items. I had no previous sewing experience, how to produce the goods, branding, or marketing, but with the money I made from my first salary as an architect, I was determined to buy a sewing machine and create my brand. I learned that to succeed one time, you need to want to fail 100 times. After several failures, the business that I did finally received a positive response and quite enthusiastic interest. I don't know, but I'm sure "Nooenny" could one day be something big.

There is a quote by Richard Branson "If your dreams don't scare you, they are too small".

I'm still one of those crazy dreamers. A mediocre human who is passionate about architecture, writing, travelling around the world, enthusiastic about art, and always wanted to create something to make the world and society better.

It's safe to say that this is just the beginning. 
It's not a page 1, 
but it's page 0

If I need to describe how I see my life, it is an endless wandering and exploration. If my life is a novel or movie, it would be a series of moments. It's not about the destination, but about the people I meet along the journey.

With that, I am eternally grateful for the people that have been a part of my journey; my parents, sisters, colleagues, closest friends, teachers, mentors, and strangers. You're one of a kind!

My mission in this platform, or other channels, is to document the moments and empower, encourage, and connect with others through my stories. I genuinely believe that the only way humans have come so far in this world is by spreading their knowledge. By sharing what we know, we were able to collaborate and achieve great things as a human.

This blog covers various topics such as architecture, DIY, sewing, crafting, personal thoughts about life lessons, travelling notes and itineraries, books, movies, tips & reviews, art, and design. This blog is also integrated into social media such as instagram, quora.

  • This blog is entirely personal. This blog intends to provide snapshots, thoughts, and manifestation of various random things running around the writer's mind. The opinions written here express my own and don't represent any company or organization.
  • Every picture and photo here belongs to Windarsblog unless stated otherwise. If you find your content (text, picture, photo, diagram) here uncredited, please contact her. 
  • Comments and opinions are welcome. However, the writer reserves the right to delete any comments submitted that contain (abusive, profane, rude, spam, hate speech, threat, etc), so keep it polite, please. 

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