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Winda Ratnasari
Cat mom, storryteller, wanderer.
Architecture Graduate.
A mediocre human who's passionate about designing, sewing, crafting, and communicating with cats.
Her personal mission is to empower, encourage, and connect with others through her stories.
Welcome to my blog - a series of my life scene!

Nowadays she’s active mostly on Instagram
For business inquiries, contact her through E-mail:

About This Blog
Winda is always passionate about writing, and she has a dream to publish her own book someday. Winda started '' when she was an architecture student in 2016. Initially, she created this blog as a refuge and a safe place to share her thoughts, feelings, experiences, and also to create a platform to improve her writing skill. Over time, now she has a personal mission that she wants to achieve through this blog.
For her, it's such a privilege to share her stories and experiences with others. She truly believes that the only way humans have come so far in this world was by spreading their knowledge. By sharing what we know, we were able to collaborate and achieve great things as a human.

This blog covers various topics such as architecture, DIY, sewing, crafting, personal thoughts, traveling notes and itineraries, review of places, books, movies, beauty products, art, and design. This blog is also integrated to social media such as instagram, quora.

Here's the highlight about contents she wants to share in the future:
  • Winderland: DIY, sewing, crafting, cooking, tips and personal review
  • Blog: Self-love journey, travel, personal life, thoughts
  • Suara Atelier: Architecture works, thoughts about art and design
  • Dialog: Fictional story, poem

  • This blog is entirely personal. This blog intends to provide snapshots, thoughts, and manifestation of various random things running around the writer's mind. The opinions written here express my own and don't represent any company or organization.
  • Every picture and photo here belongs to Windarsblog unless stated otherwise. If you find your content (text, picture, photo, diagram) here uncredited, please contact her. 
  • Comments and opinions are welcome. However, the writer reserves the right to delete any comments submitted that contain (abusive, profane, rude, spam, hate speech, threat, etc), so keep it polite, please. 
  • This disclaimer statement is made on August 20, 2020 and may have a change in the future with or without notice.

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