How I Decorate My Room!

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Some people keep asking me to post about my room decor, the reason I postpone this post because the room in fact hasn't finished yet, but since I'm not sure I will stay in my house in a long time, so here I will post it now!

Last year I decided to renovate my room. As an architect, It's always been a dream of mine to design and decorate my own room. My biggest problem was the budget, I need to cut down a lot of things as much as possible to keep the budget low. 

The Concept
My old room was so pinkies at the time, every corner of my room was painted in pink. There were only two small windows at the left and the right side, and a door in the centre that connected my room with the balcony. To be honest, I rarely open my door, the windows also cannot be fully opened and that's make my room really hot and stuffy because the air cannot entered the room. Moreover, the size of the room was also small, it's 3 x 4 sqm plus 1.5 x 4 sqm balcony which actually hadn't ever been used.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of my old room before it was destructed, but here I will show you 3D model of how my room look like and how I want my room to be like (will be updated soon)

a concept that suitable for my budget

As I grew older, I want my room to be more minimalist and to look simple. I want natural light and natural air to be maximality entered and utilized as well as to get the view from the outside. 

My idea was to change the balcony as an addition part of the room, so that my room will become larger. Then I also want to make a big L-shaped glass window that facing the street to maximize the natural light and to obtain the beautiful view outside. 

As the consequence of the big glass window, I have encountered another problem, the sunlight. Since the position of my house is on the west side, I'm worried it must be really hot at around 3 to 4 pm because of the sunset. 

Under construction

Therefore, to anticipate that, I gave an opened window on the right side, so the natural air can enter the room and create a cross ventilation between the window at the right side and the door at the back .

I painted the wall in white, it suits the theme which minimalism. Beside that, white and glass are one of the ways to manipulate the small room, it will make your room look larger! 

A Big Glass Window With a Cabinet
I like to spend my time enjoying the view, catching the sunset while drinking my tea, or just reading my favorite book. I plan to put a thin mattress on the top of the cabinet, but I think it will need a lot of money, so for now I will leave it like that.

I got the cabinet by designed it and asked the wood craftsman to build it. I prefer self-designed cabinet rather than buying it at furniture store. Because by designing it, you can custom the shelf as your needs, you can also adjust the size of the cabinet according to the size of the room, and the most important thing is you can choose the pattern and the color you want.

Nothing special from my bed yet this is my favorite spot! I want to keep the bed clean and neat by not giving it too much decoration, but leave it untouched would be boring though. 

Furthermore, I added the wall headboard on the top, made from unused multiplex. Afterwards, I covered it with the same color and pattern HPL that the craftsman used to make the cabinet. 

My bed  when the sun goes down

Work Space
Favorite corner of my bedroom, yes it's my desk! I put a lot of efforts to decorate my desk. A few weeks back I cleaned my desk, may look like I didn't clean it but I did! I have a lot of stuffs and I cannot throw it away without feeling guilty so it just ended up being my decoration. 

I want my desk to look packed but still clean that's why I choose the white shelf and the black grid wall so that there wouldn't be too much color scheme. Then, to make it more lovely, you can put dried flower or any kind of flowers. 

Unfinished Wardrobe
Actually, I plan to make this spot as my small wardrobe but I haven't purchased the clothes hanger yet. Maybe I will update it later if I already buy it.

In addition, my wardrobe color actually kind of wood color but I found the pattern didn't match the theme well, so I decided to change it by covering it with a wall sticker. It's pretty cheap than buy new wardrobe though.

There's space left on the left side that supposed to be my small wardrobe, maybe soon!

Finally that's how my room is decorated, not too fancy, but I feel really comfortable, happy, and enjoy spending my time in my room. I will keep updating if I do another improvement in my room, I hope it can inspire you!

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    1. Aw thank you for visiting my blog hihi hope you enjoy my writing

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