Lunch at Kedai Mienta Jatah!

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I rarely review restaurants, but since the food here is delicious yet affordable, I feel like I want other people to discover this place too!

These few days, I was craving noodles. Yes, I am an avid fan of noodle-based foods—ramen, noodles, or pasta. In Bali, many restaurants sell noodle-based menus, especially at Asian Restaurant.

I'm very selective when eating at an Asian restaurant because mostly, they serve pork as their main dish. Even though they offer beef or chicken as a replacement, for me, it's better to avoid questionable halal food as we can.

Scrolling down through the screen, I found a restaurant located in East Denpasar, which happened to be very close to where I live. Most importantly, it's 100% halal.

This restaurant is called Mienta Jatah, a Chinese and Hong Kong-style shop that sells noodles. Walking down the front of the restaurant, we are greeted by an oriental entrance and Chinese architecture. The interior is so simple, dominated by red and Chinese ornament. There is also a photo spot with Hong Kong-style posters attached, adding Hong Kong vibes to the place.

Place: Kedai Mienta Jatah
Address: Jl. Merdeka No.mor 10A, Sumerta Kelod, Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80239
Price: 20k-30k

For their main menu, there are wet and dry noodles. I highly recommend you to try their wet noodles. Savory and distinct! It was so good that I came to this place two days in a row.

The noodle price range here is relatively cheap. It's about 20k-22k with an optional 5k for topping such as mushroom, boiled egg, omelet, etc. Apart from their noodles, they also have light menus such as gyoza, dumplings, etc.

On the first day, I tried their wet noodle menu with additional mushroom topping. On the top, there was chicken, mustard greens, and the dumpling crackers, which I had eaten before taking the photo. The taste was not excessive, and it was very distinctive. This original wet noodle is very suitable for enjoying if we want a taste that is not too filling, just like a light meal.

The second wet noodle menu that I tried was the noodle soup curry. You can see that the topping,  chicken katsu, with additional mushroom topping. I got a vibrant taste in my mouth! The curry was tempting, not too bold, or made you feel bad. It was enough.

To conclude, I will definitely return to this place again. I also haven't tasted their dry noodles and gyoza, already on my list for next week!

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