Upcycling My Outdated Cardigans

7:34 AM

A few weeks ago, I found my old cardigans when I was decluttering my room. I noticed that I have many cardigans that I rarely use, but I keep storing them on the shelf because the quality is still good. Since throwing old garments away is a bad idea, I was thinking about remodeling my old clothes. 

Why not? 

  1. You save your money
  2. You save the earth 

As a woman, the idea of reducing unnecessary expense a.k.a shopping is quite hard, I know. That's why "recycle & reuse" clothes is the best alternative idea. Apart from manifesting sustainable life, I love recycling my clothes because it gives me contentment whenever I create something new, just like finding a breakthrough! Besides, I feel like I wear an exclusive piece of art that nobody couldn't find anywhere since it is the only piece on earth. 

Another story, I avoid buying trendy clothes as the model is too mainstream! There is also a possibility of me spotting people wearing the same outfit as I am in a public space. We have to admit that, in general, it annoys us a little bit when we see someone wearing the same thing as us, right? 
That's why I prefer to buy thrift clothes and remodel them later. 

By the way, I have two old cardigans that I wanted to remodel. I noticed that both of the cardigans were too long. 

Since I am not tall, I avoid any top, cardigan, jacket, or outer lengths above 50 cm because it makes me look shorter than my real height. 

As my personal experience, I recommend people with short height to wear tops that are less than 50 cm long. It makes you look taller!

Yellow cardigan 
The yellow cardigan is too long, so I cut the bottom of the cardigan about 12 cm. Since I don't want to waste the remaining fabric, I added additional elements for the cardigan's bottom part and the cardigan's front part, giving the cardigan a ruffle style. 

Before (sorry for the unprepared photo)

Here's the final look! 

White chiffon cardigan 

The white cardigan needs a few tweaks to the length and the sleeves. I don't like sleeves that are too wide. Sometimes when I raise my arm, the sleeve keeps falling down to my upper arm, exposing my skin. The cardigan also looks too long.

wide sleeve

Next, I cut the bottom side of the cardigan. Then, to keep the sleeve in place even when I lift my arm, I decided to put an elastic rubber inside and change it into bishop style.

using 5 mm elastic rubber

For the collar, I made a decorative element in the ruffle style using the leftover fabric.

Here's the final look! 

Bishop sleeve for safety purpose

I hope you enjoy my first story about recycling old clothes! Next time I will share more about sewing projects I did. I hope it can inspire you to create something too!

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