A Glimpse into My Dream Room!

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My childhood was spent in a small village named Maluk, located in West Sumbawa. My house was approximately 500 meters from the beach, which made me dream about having a bedroom with a big window facing the beach so I can enjoy the sightly view from my room.

Sadly, as I grew up, my family decided to leave that beautiful village and move to a small city in East Java. It is a lovely city too, the rice fields mostly dominate the scenery, and more importantly, we have super friendly neighbours! However, it couldn’t bury my childhood dream. I was so happy when my bedroom got renovated. Actually, we did not change the room dramatically because we wanted to keep the renovation costs low. I am so sorry I couldn’t show you the room before it was renovated because the labourers had already dismantled the wall. Here I show you the 3d how my room was!

Too much pink, isn't it? A little confession, when I was young, I was so obsessed with anything pink, and I wanted all my belongings and collections to be pink, including my room. Anyway, back to the room tour! It was just a tiny 3x3 sqm room, in addition, there was a 2x3 sqm balcony facing the street with a double-leaf door flanked by the windows.

The Concept

A minimalist concept inspires the room with the dominance of pastel colours like apartment room designs in Korea. If you watch Korean dramas a lot, you'll know what I mean.

The first idea, I wanted to dismantle the balcony and connect it with the room to make the room bigger. Then, I wanted to install a big L accented window with an opened a small window on the right side which could maximise natural lighting and ventilating inside the room.

Furthermore, since I wanted to make it simple and minimalist for the interior style, it would look better if I chose a neutral colour to avoid crowds. I also chose the neutral colour because I will install a lot of furniture. I don't want to make the room looks so dense. Therefore, I chose white for the wall accentuated with wood floor to make it looks warm and cosy.

I often see this small white cabinet decoration in Korean apartments. So I decided to put it in my room too. I also did this to anticipate the unpleasant view from the TV installed in the south direction, which we had to install there because we didn't want to change the direction of the electricity.

We also plan to install a small wardrobe in the corner of the room, with glass finishing to make the room bigger.

Next, if you see the pink ceramic table beside my workspace, you must wonder why I chose it because it looks so different from other furniture dominated in white.

Since all of the furniture is finished in a white and wood accent, I want to put something that could accentuate the room, which turns on to be a small ceramic coffee table. It would be boring and monotone if I chose another white coffee table, isn’t it?

That's the concept for my dream bedroom! By the way, many of them have not manifested yet in the room because it costs a fortune! The only built-in furniture I could afford right now was just a cabinet under the window. I hope someday, I could make my dream bedroom comes true!

Here's I show you how my room goes so far!

The Dismantle Process


Seat by The Window
Yes, absolutely my favourite corner of the room! A cosy seat by the window.

I like to spend my time enjoying the view, catching the sunset or sunrise while drinking my tea, or just reading my favourite book here.

Lunch with the view!

this is also my favorite spot for content creating for my brand, Nooenny!

Nothing special from my bed, yet this is also my favouriteand comfort spot! I want to keep the bed area clean and neat by not giving it too much decoration. I also installed a decorated headboard using waste HPL wood that the craftsman used for my cabinet near the window.

Work Space 
Not finished yet! I haven't found a decoration idea for my workspace. In addition, I also haven't installed the pink ceramic table yet. We are currently looking for a good vendor!

Anyway, I found a cute little wooden shelf, and cheap at an online store. I'll be using this for a while to decorate my workspace until I could afford all the furniture I designed before.

This is also my favorite spot for taking pictures for my brand!

The Big Mirror 
This spot should be a place for a big mirror, a tiny white TV cabinet, and a coffee table. Right now, it is just a coffee table and a classic small mirror installed.

Here's another photo collection of pleasant food in my room!

That's enough for today's virtual room tour via blogging! My apologies if the existing room I showed you hadn't met the expectation like the design concept. In the future, I will definitely keep you with further updates regarding the room. See you and happy reading!

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